Lawrence Hargrave Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Pain Management Program

  • Develop a self-management approach to your pain
  • Combination of individualised and group-based interventions
  • 4 week program, two afternoons a week
  • Referral required from your GP or Medical Specialist

The ‘Back on Track’ Pain Management Program is designed to help attendees develop a self-management approach to their pain, based on physical and behavioural strategies. Combining individualised and group based interventions, the program seeks to achieve the following goals;

  • Challenging fears about activity and further harm
  • Coping with stress and improving sleep habits
  • Goal setting, pacing yourself and managing every day activities
  • Combining the benefits of exercise and practical education sessions
  • Experiencing the man benefits of hydrotherapy
  • Learning about your own body and how to best manage your movements

Our expert multidisciplinary team will provide you with a board range of self-management strategies and insights.